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Offset Shock Bushing Kit
Offset Shock Bushing Kit
The main measures in the geometry of a bike is the head angle and the bottom bracket height which define the behavior during cornering. Even a half-degree angle or half a centimeter below, the change is huge!
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Have you ever been caught unprepared by rain while riding just because you have decided that the mudguard is too big for the backpack (Toolbox) or too heavy to be on the bike?
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Sale! RS Boxxer WC 2011-2014 Negative Air Spring
RS Boxxer WC 2011-2014 Negative Air Spring
Do you want your Boxxer air spring to have a 'coil like' feel?
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Sale! Polymer Shock Bushing
Polymer Shock Bushing
88 Components high quality Polymer Bushings improve the performance of the shock. The suspension becomes more responsive at small bumps which ultimately improves the grip.
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